Amari Asad

November 18, 2020

BY Minyetta Nelson

Detroit, MI -

Worldwide -

Have you ever heard of Amari Asad? Well thank us later but we are hear to introduce you guys to him today! We have been granted an exclusive interview with Amari, where you will be feed so good with knowledge, you are going to double back for more! From being a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach & Author to inspire, motivate and lead others as well as a Teacher, Dean of Students and on to becoming a future Principal. Amari Asad leads by example when it comes to what it takes as to the character of being a man as well as a great  father. Check out this interview and leave us some feed back on the station or in our comment box below. Follow Amari Asad on all social media. Make sure to check out - and support! Make a purchase or take a webinar to find out how he can help you.