COVID-19 Recoveries

April 13, 2020

BY Minyetta Nelson

Worldwide - 

With the world on shutdown. From businesses to gathering. the COVID-19 pandemic has brought almost everything to a halt. People can still shop for essentials from household products to groceries. Gas prices have dropped tremendously to under one dollar in certain areas. Most are following the "STAY AT HOME," campaign and some are not but with COVID-19 spreading worldwide, there are recoveries! As many as over 1.8 million confirmed cases with 118,000 deaths there are also 444,000 people whom have recovered from the virus. The only way to defeat COVID-19 is to -

1. Practice regular sanitation precautions

2. Wearing of a fabric or mask over face to cover the nose & mouth when outdoors

3. The usage and wearing of plastic gloves

4. No congregating or large gatherings

5. Only go out if necessary

6. No hand to hand contact

7. No hand to face, no surface to face contact

8. Most importantly, STAY AT HOME!