Fit For A King

April 12, 2019

BY Minyetta Nelson

Los Angeles, CA -

As the funeral procession for rapper Nipsey Hussle made its way from downtown L.A. to Watts and then to Inglewood on Thursday, groups of mourners gathered at several intersections along the 25.5-mile route, some leaning out to touch the silver hearse as it passed and others dodging a long line of cars and motorcycles to snap photos. The procession, which began about 2:30 p.m. after the three hour memorial, headed south on Vermont Avenue and is traveling west to Inglewood before making a stop at Hussle’s Marathon Clothing store, where he was fatally shot March 31.

Earlier in the day, guests cheered and danced to Hussle’s music during his memorial, the energy electrifying Staples Center. Although the 21,000-seat stadium was filled with mourners, many of Hussle’s fans in the South L.A. communities he helped lift up could not make it inside. For them, Hussle’s family wanted the celebration of the artist’s life to continue outside in the procession. Family and friends praised Hussle’s ability to bring worlds together — rival gangs, law enforcement officials and music lovers. As the hearse motored down the streets of South L.A., people once again came together to say their final goodbyes. 

Traveling down South Vermont Avenue near West 49th Street, the procession quickly became quintessentially L.A., full of flashy cars performing showy maneuvers. At 49th Street, a lowrider car tilted onto one side. Other cars sped and swerved as passengers dangled precariously from open windows, some waving programs from the memorial service. A small crowd that had gathered whipped out their smartphones to capture the spectacle. A hearse carrying the casket of Nipsey Hussle drives through a huge throng near his clothing store on Slauson Avenue in South Los Angeles. Police and members of the Nation of Islam are on hand to help with traffic control and security.