Going For The Money

September 18, 2019

BY Minyetta Nelson

Detroit, MI / Worldwide -

The 52 members of the choir, who range in age from 8 to 18, repeated the song that they did in June, "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton, for the finals. It was their first song in the show's competition, and now their last. And though it wowed the crowd, it could be a gamble to repeat a song. Will it remind everyone that the Detroiters deserve top honors, or will it work against them? It's up to America to decide. Before they hit the stage, the kids shared their feelings about their group and their city in a pre-taped introduction. Then it was time for them to sing on a stage decorated with "Detroit" spelled out in huge letters. Wearing their trademark purple vests, the group members pumped up the energy with several rap solos and were in perfect sync with their enthusiastic choreography. The lyrics, again, sent a message that's important to the choir, all about believing in yourself. The judges could hardly hold back their admiration. Reformed mean guy Simon Cowell seemed genuinely moved by what he'd seen and gave a special shout-out to the choir's artistic director, Anthony White. Crews informed viewers that the Spirit of Detroit statue in downtown Detroit was temporarily wearing a Detroit Youth Choir vest to support the hometown favorites. Early Tuesday morning in downtown Detroit, crews dressed the 26-foot-tall iconic statue in the choir's uniform of a vest and bowtie to mark the "AGT" finals. The City of Detroit will honor the choir this Friday at Campus Martius Park.