Icewear Vezzo Signed!

November 1, 2018

By Minyetta Bailey

Detroit, Michigan-

From Detroit's Eastside, Icewear Vezzo just came home from doing a year bid in the federal penitentiary to drop the "Drank God Freestyle" which surpassed 1.4 million views and going. Vezzo started off as a member of the Green Guys crew then went solo in 2012 to release his debut mixtape "The Clarity," on up to "The Clarity 4" in 2015. Drawing national attention with his raw and masterful style, Vezzo has built his name as a businessman by becoming the owner of several establishments including a restaurant and car wash. With a great announcement on his birthday, Vezzo announced to the world that he has inked the deal with label Motown Records of his hometown to release his upcoming debut album. "I came home to a blessing. It feels like I play for the Pistons. Its the home team, Motown Records!" Vezzo says.