It's Our Anniversary!

March 15, 2019

BY Minyetta Nelson

Worldwide -

July of 2018 as a birthday gift to myself I choose to continue to pursue my dreams despite not having any support from from family, friends or loved ones. After many misplaced emotions and love, I choose to pour what I had left in me into my dreams and my passions. I am so glad that I chose ME! I started this station as a gift to myself as well as my future because music is something I live and love. I introduced the "Talk" back into the station for the 2019 year and we  will be discussing many topics from life, love, business, health, relationships, etc. Download any of the apps for FREE on all of your mobile devices and tune in! Thank You to all of our supporters, followers and listeners. We greatly appreciate you! This year we have a great line-up of shows coming soon. Stay tuned...............