Let's Make It Go Viral!

December 17, 2018

BY Minyetta Bailey

Las Vegas, NV-

Recently a video of Superstar Cardi B stating the breakdown of her marriage with Rapper Offset from the trio Migos went viral via Instagram. The alleged "side chick" of Rapper Offset apologizing to Cardi B went viral. Then Rapper Offset used Instagram to make a viral video personally apologizing to his astranged wife for his infidelities. Rapper Offset took it a step further over the weekend when he popped up at Cardi B's scheduled performance at the Rolling Loud Festival in Las Vegas. Rushing the stage with bouquets of roses that spelled out, "Take Me Back Cardi," Offset made his way to Cardi B to apologize to her once again and ask for her forgiveness. Check out social media for the official video.