No Coca

April 10, 2019

BY Minyetta Nelson

Worldwide - 

Coca Cola Products are unfit for human consumption due to the high level of sugar present in Coca-Cola drinks. It’s a known fact that when such product is continuously taken, it leads to the increase in blood pressure in the system, which is very dangerous to the well-being of such an individual. Too much sugar in the blood stream is of great danger to the health. Although this is true Coca-Cola has been deemed dangerous for human consumption because of the effects that could take place when mixed with Vitamin C. The presence of sunset yellow additives and benzoic acid makes it dangerous to the human health and also unfit for consumption. Sunset yellow additives and benzoic acid are combination which when taken with Vitamin C is poisonous to the health and can lead to death. These substances were tested and found to be present in the drink. Coca-Cola can be said to be dangerous for consumption, due to the dangerous combination of these ingredients. The highest presences of sunset additives and benzoic acid are found in Sprite and Fanta.