Prayers Up

March 31, 2019

BY Minyetta Nelson

Los Angeles, CA - 

Nipsey is one of three people injured in the shooting. Story developing...

Rapper Nipsey Hussle has been shot outside of his store, The Marathon Clothing Company in Los Angeles, TMZ reports. According to eyewitnesses, multiple shots were fired on Sunday afternoon (March 31). Hussle is said to be one of three people injured.

It's reported that prior to the shooting, Hussle tweeted, "Having strong enemies is a blessing." It is unknown if Hussle was at the store for an event or to tend to his store's business.

The 33-year-old rapper opened The Marathon Clothing store, in partnership with Adam Andebrhan and Stephen Donelson back in 2017.  in hopes of opening the first "smart store" for customers to purchase merch and preview exclusive content from the West Coast rapper via an app.