Sunday Service W/ Kanye West

September 28, 2019

BY Minyetta Nelson

Detroit, MI - 

On Friday, September 27th, Kanye West brought his Sunday Service Experience to the wonderful people of my hometown Detroit. As people are awaiting his majorly-anticipated album ‘Jesus Is King.’ 

For the most part, this Sunday Service was what you would expect. All throughout the performance Choir Director, Jason White reminded the crowd and live stream viewers that we are here on assignment by God and that there is only one star of the night, that star being Jesus Christ. This Sunday Service was different, more special because you were able to see people “Boss Up” on stage while praising the Lord (Bossing Up is an iconic Detroit dance created by Blade Icewood), and hearing a Clark Sister Tribute to bring the event to a close, but there was something different about this Sunday Service. There was a 10-minute mini-sermon in the middle of the event from Pastor Adam Tyson of Placerita Bible Church. Pastor Tyson gave the thousands of people in Detroit and also those tuned into the livestream worldwide a brief and poignant message. That God isn’t some genie or an old man who used to have power and now lacks it. God is “ the same as he was yesterday, today and forever”.

The crowd was filled with believers and non-believers. Alot of these folks were just Kanye stans who didn’t really know what they signed up for.