Venture Noire

April 6, 2021

BY Minyetta Nelson

Detroit, MI -

Worldwide -

“It’s my goal to teach aspiring entrepreneurs that there are other, often more attainable ways to scale a business and I hope that by doing so we will create healthier and longer lasting Black-owned businesses.”  “I see a lot of entrepreneurs lose confidence when they’re not able to pull in millions of dollars in VC investment like we constantly see of some startups in the news. Seeing this pains me because too many entrepreneurs believe that VC capital is the only way to be successful, or to prove that your business is successful,” Keenan Beasley, founder of Venture Noire, stated.
The fresh funding of $1.3 million is tied to an announcement last December by Venture Noire to raise $5 million to help Black and minority entrepreneurs. Interested In The Black candidates can gain more information and  apply here -